Motiontelling puts your ideas in motion and helps make complex concepts, easy to understand. We have years of experience in communication and information design and know how to tell stories. We'll help you find the right words, translate them into clear visual language and put them in motion to create exciting comprehensible explanimations.



Three of our animations are for a Dutch client, one is in english language. Check out the link below the animation to see them all.

CLICKNL Marktplaats
An animation explaining the possibilities the CLICKNL marketplace
CDRI Customer Journey Mapping
Explaining the technique and benefits of Customer Journey Mapping
CLICKNL Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda
An animation explaining the possibilities of subsidies within the program of the SRIA
The first animation for CLICKNL introducing it as a new network for the creative industry in the Netherlands


Our workflow has been extensively tested and refined. We utilize 7 steps that guarantee a smooth production process. At fixed feedback points we stop for a moment to let you see and comment on the actual status so that you know exactly where we're heading and what the progress of your project is.



We listen closely to your ideas and learn about the essence of your project. What is it you want to tell? Are there visual constraints or preferences? Do you have a clear idea of your target audience?



The first storyboard will be a rough sketch of your animation. We use it to test and verify how the script can best be translated visually and how to set the timing of your animation.

Sketch storyboard - excerpt from the animation CLICKNL
Storyboard looks - excerpt from the animation CLICKNL


Now it's time to find the right voice for your story. This is where we find a narrator that matches the character of your animation.



Your animation is ready. This is when we deliver a digital file in the resolutions and specifications you need. Of course, minor changes and adjustments are still possible at this point.



Tell us about your ideas! What is it you want to tell? Are you an enterprise that wants to tell about a product or service? A municipality that wants to inform the public about news and developments? Or a cultural institute with upcoming activities? No matter what your message is - we will help you create a smashing explanimation to tell your story in a clear and understandable way.




Motiontelling is an initiative by Hendrik Jehle in collaboration with Pudelskern and FINE.